All your church management, administration and financial processes on one platform.

Streamline common administrative tasks.

theDeacon eases the running of your church on a day-to-day basis by automating recurring tasks and reducing the cost of operations. This covers daily operations like service support, reporting, work coordination, emails, information dissemination, and many others.

Track and manage resources.

The Deacon’s accounting functionality and reporting improve financial management and accurately keep tab of contributions and donations, manage resources, and come up with proper financial statements and reports.

Better communication.

Good communication is key to growing your church. The Deacon enables better internal communication as well as communication with members of the church.

Monitor the growth of your organisation.

The Deacon’s information system gives easy access to data on the key functions of your church so that you can make important insightful decisions backed by data.


Store team members data and manage key tasks appointed to each member to keep them organised.


Store and manage members’ data in an organised and secure database.


Store records from all church meetings. Plan and schedule future meetings with the yearly planner.


Track subscriptions and all other donations made to your church.


Record and keep track of all expenses.


The dashboard allows you to view all the church data and generate reports.

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