Integrate business processes with financial functions to facilitate information sharing, resulting in increased productivity and speed.

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Synchronised information system.

Collaboration in a system where data isn't synchronised takes time and effort. Our solutions alleviates that problem by providing a system where team members can get access to data they need when they need it.

Data security

Automation is all about data, all these data need to be protected from unauthorised users. Control who gets access to company data and how much data they have access to. Our solutions offer round the clock security to all your data.

Centralised information storing

Merging information from several sources comes with a lot of conflicts and inconsistencies in data. With a system that runs on one information repository, you alleviate issues of redundancy and consistency data and have a single source of truth.

Improved efficiency

Automate repetitive manual processes so that your team members can spend more time focusing on activities that actually move the needles for business growth and profitability.

Our range of business automation solutions helps optimize organizations of all sizes for productivity and growth.

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An ERP software that automates low-level tasks across your key business functions so that your teams can focus on what matters most, those activities that drive growth.

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Clan-io is a membership management software, created to automate as well as manage your membership process. This solution assists in monitoring the growth of your organization.

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theDeacon is a church management software specially designed to help churches and religious organizations manage, automate and organize their daily operations.

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Business intelligence & Analytics:

We help business drivers and decision makers make data-driven decisions. Our BI & analytics solutions comprise of strategies and systems and tools that'll help decision makers to make sense of their data.

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